Fisher-Price Imaginext Super Friends Batcave The Bat Signal is flashing! Batman gets the message at the Imaginext Batcave and the crime fighting begins! Equipped with all sorts of gadgetry, the Imaginext Batcave has a mechanical claw to work on the Batcycle, a secret entrance, a turnstile, a telescope and more! Round up all the bad guys in Gothom and bring them back to the Batcave. Both Batman and Robin are included with the Imaginext Batcave to help you clean up the streets! All you have to do is turn your Batman figure on the disk to reveal them or activate them! Plus, there's a Bat Signal that really lights up, and a launcher that lets you fire projectiles at the enemy! Add them to your collection of DC Super FriendsT for lots of bat-tastic adventures! Includes Batcave and Batman figure, and 2 AAA (R03) 1,5V batteries. Five activation points start the excitement all over the Batcave Access all levels of the Batcave by turning the activation disk to raise and lower the elevator Lookout for villains by turning the activation disk on the top of the Batcave to reveal a working telescope Turn the knob on the front of the Batcave to activate the launcher and fire the projectile Includes: Batman figure, a Robin figure, a batcycle, a bat-glider, a computer console and two small accessories

Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Friends Batcave

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